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Presently, every item found in our new Gold Jewellery Collection & nearly every style from OurCoordinates popular latitude and longitude coordinates jewelry collection is handmade, custom, from either 14k Gold-Plating, Solid Gold, or Solid Sterling Silver material. We choose to work with this particular essence type because we know how novelettish our pieces are to our family of guests. Gold-Filled generally lasts much longer than utmost electroplated jewelry when looking for a portmanteau-friendly volition to solid 14k Gold.


Gold-filled jewelry started in the United States from around 1830-1870. Gold-filled jewelry isn't a mere gold product, but an assemblage of gold and resins filled with liquid or solid wax to serve as a model for jewelry design.

The process begins by crafting a incrustation pad using barbed wire mesh which is enveloped in molten working metal shortly before hardening. It's a quality material that's common in all types of jewelry. The product is easy to look out for and will generally maintain its golden shine for a life span. 

A major factor for gold-filled is less than ten-thousandths part gold and then there's brass that is no more than nine parts copper and one part zinc. Gold-filled is commonly used in lesser quality metals to make them appear like they have been constructed from pure or higher quality metal such as 14K or 18K grade Gold Jewelry.

Gold-filled is constructed in two or three layers. The core essence is jewelers brass. A gold composite is also bonded to one or both shells of the brass core with heat and pressure.

Use a permanent sealant to protect your gold-filled jewelry so it will last a lifetime. Gold-filled jewelry is covered with an inert coating to help prevent tarnishing. Jewelry made using gold-filled components is always tested on a tensile tester before being stamped or engraved.

"Most high quality gold-filled pieces have the same appearance as high carat gold, and gold-filled items, even with daily wear, can last 10 to 30 years though the layer of gold will eventually wear off exposing the metal underneath." - Wikipedia

gold-filled components for jewelry making

Above are some holes bored through Gold-Filled jewelry components so they can be used as spacers in bracelets, bangles and necklaces that need them. Gold-filled components can also be used to create a Gold-Filled Jewelry Chain (GGC). The chain can be used as spacers or worn with one end of the component portion wanting through and then connecting at another end like you're having an Iron Cross on your wrist.

Gold-Filled Jewelry components will usually be made from brass, which is very easy to solder; though they could also contain copper or silver as well which would not require such heavy strength for soldering.


Gold plating is an itty-bitty layer of solid Gold applied to a brass base. The plating doesn't compose any measurable proportion of the product's total weight. It's estimated to be 0.05 or lower of the essence product. Gold plating will generally wear off rather snappily and expose the brass base product. It doesn't stand up to heat, water, or wear over time.

The most popular volition to solid Gold Jewelry in the jewelry market today, Gold Plating utilizes an electroplated process that entails current and metal reactions through leaching and electrolysis. A liquid base material or flux is used to help dissolve the gold into microscopic particles which are attracted by an electrically-conductive surface --for Gold-plated Jewelry, the finish will be a glossy Gold-colored product.

(Extra note Gold Plate isn't to be confused with"Vermeil" (pronounced vehr-MAY), which is a thicker position of gold plating over sterling tableware rather than a base essence. To truly qualify as Vermeil, the gold-plating should be a minimum of 2.5 microns thick and consistently over sterling tableware.) Learn more about Vermeil Gold.


Solid gold jewelry is literally made of pure 24-karat gold, while gold-filled refers to a lower quality alloy that has been "filled" with a cheaper metal such as copper or nickel, which makes the resulting piece feel and look like it is made of solid gold. For illustration, 8 karats gold is 8/24 pure gold or 33.3% pure.

Gold-filled isn't the same as solid Gold. The difference between these two pieces of jewelry is that gold-filled pieces are pressurized by heat and pressure (with a press tool) which causes the pieces to swell or expand, making then come into contact with the surface of another base metal. Gold-Filled Jewelry can contain as much as 40-80% gold mixed in, making it feel pliable and look more impressive than a pure solid gold piece. Another main difference is the durability and price.


Gold-filled doesn't de-laminate or peel like plated or "dipped" products. Nor does it blemish as readily as tableware. Numerous possessors find that they no way have to clean Gold-filled particulars at all. Still, from time to time, your jewelry may come dirty from everyday wear. To clean gold-filled, it's stylish to use mild cleaner and water. Hot rainfall and water will generally not damage the material.

Guard of some companies dealing with plated jewelry as "gold-filled" isn't the same thing! Generally speaking, Gold-filled is of better quality and will have a much longer-lasting color than plated jewelry due to its needed advanced actual gold content.

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