How OurCoordinates Utilizes Precious Stones In Jewelry Making

Precious Stones & Their Unique Uses In Jewelry

Gemstones have always been an ornament that enhances the beauty and adds immense value to all types of jewelry. People worldwide invest abundant amounts of money and time in selecting unique yet meaningful pieces of stones and jewelry to embellish their appearance with a meaning to it. Jewelry stones are not just fancy pieces with a particular design, but they hold great value for the wearer as many people believe in their spiritual characteristics.

Many gemstones such as ruby, jade, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, etc., are widely known for their distinctive yet unique properties. Other than this, many stones are specially designed to intrigue the attention of accessory lovers. These stones and jewelry designs represent the wearers' personality traits or interlinked connections representing an extraordinary gesture of love, friendship, or empathy.

custom coordinate bracelet gold - OurCoordinates

You must be in awe, yearning to acquire a statement piece of precious stones and jewelry to embellish your overall look with a unique yet exclusive bespoke piece narrating your life's story.

You will be astounded to know that the US-established jewelry company OurCoordinates works diligently to put together beautiful jewelry pieces and pay heed in creating customized jewelry pieces according to your desires.

We earnestly strive to create jewelry pieces of high quality and value. They understand the intricacy and eloquent meaning behind creating a customized jewelry piece. If you have been looking for a remarkable yet extraordinary piece of gracefully embellished jewelry, get ready to be astounded by the sensational details coming your way designed and adorned by OurCoordinates.

rose gold coordinates necklace by OurCoordinates

OurCoordinates specializes in creating personalized jewelry engraved with coordinates of a particular travel destination or location that you never want to forget. Keeping the memories alive forever sounds unrealistic, but OurCoordinates jewelry will not fade out your special moments and preserve them for a lifetime.

Unlike other jewelry brands, embellishment and adorning is not the only objective behind producing such elegant pieces, as it believes in delivering value with a rationale behind it.

We firmly believe in commemorating the sentiments and emotions in a stylish accessory that you love to wear every day. Wear your new coordinates jewelry with any dress to add class and uniqueness to your unique style. We strive to provide a stylish yet modern solution for you to be yourself anywhere you go with a cluster of your favorite memories. 

Let's go through a few pieces released by OurCoordinates for you to depict the essence and meaning of these classical yet unique hand-carved jewelry pieces. Our featured collections are divided into six categories following their thoughtful creation, as mentioned below. 

Coordinates Collection

gold coordinates bracelet from the coordinates collection

Our most popular collection comprises personalized jewelry as the buyers tend to send their favorite location on wearable lockets, bracelets, and rings. The procedure of having the coordinates engraved follows a three-step easy and doable process:

  • The wearer must insert their desirable location into the interactive map on the product page for easy and convenient access.
  • After entering your desired location, the map will accurately trace the corresponding longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • These extracted coordinates will then be attached to your order, allowing OurCoordinates to design your custom hand-engraved precious piece of jewelry. 

Inspired by the idea of being a wanderer in unknown majestically destinations, OurCoordinates came up with the exceptional idea as they admirers of traveling. The idea of having a memorable location engraved on a piece of jewelry that the wearer can carry everywhere is for people to cherish the beautiful moments they created while traveling.

This collection has a wide variety of custom and personalized bracelets, rings, and necklaces. OurCoordinates understand the diversified preference of jewelry and its material; hence, they come in multiple styles: leather, silver, gold, and steel.

Therefore OurCoordinates came up with two broad categories of leather bands. One, our Braided Leather Bracelet with casual braids and multiple rings offers name personalization in vibrant hues. In contrast, the other style is a thicker Genuine Leather Coordinates Bracelet with a royal touch embracing a standard silver brooch available in limited classy colors.

Therefore OurCoordinates came up with two broad categories of leather bands. One with casual braids and multiple rings offers name personalization in various vibrant hues. In contrast, the other leather bands are thicker with a royal touch embracing a standard silver brooch available in limited classy colors.

shop OurCoordinates personalized jewelry store

Other than classic and casual necklaces, the coordinates collection offers unique Personalized Necklaces with Latitude & Longitude Coordinates engraved on them. They are available in beautiful metallic shades such as gold, silver, and rose gold.

The best feature of these necklaces is that they come in pairs. You can get one for yourself and the other for your partner as a sign of love and merrymaking. Wearing these gleamy yet sophisticated necklaces will remind you and your partner of a trip full of memorable moments. It's not just a standard necklace as it contains a fleet of touching sentiments and emotions. 

A broad category of people demands wearing accessories that can be light-weighted with a classic and graceful appearance. They don't want to overdo their entire look, and at the same time, they want to carry a piece of their heartiest memories with them all the time.

OurCoordinates have brought a great revolution in the jewelry industry for people to carry their star-studded statement accessories with style and emotions. The customized "Birthstone rings" are the ideal accessory for them to carry anytime, anywhere. These rings are available in beautiful yet subtle metallic shades with a unique twist in the regular ring shape. This ring has the aptness to give you a minimal yet eloquent look.

The Couples Collection

To enhance the emotional value between friends, partners, and lovers, OurCoordinates dedicated an entire jewelry range to couples, celebrating love and harmony. People often find difficulty in finding unique yet elegant gifts for their significant others. OurCoordinates couple collection is specially designed to spark passion and remembrance of partners for each other as soon as they come across the beautiful piece of jewelry they are wearing.

couples holding hands with their jewelry from OurCoordinates

This collection has remarkable pieces of jewelry specially designed to celebrate the extraordinary feeling of "Love and togetherness." It offers a unique yet aspiring pair of magnetic bracelets. The magnets' conceptualization exhibits the idea of "Always being together through thick and thin when in love."

The collection comes in innumerable colors with size fitting of your own choice. Other than this, a breathtakingly beautiful surprise gift box comes alongside the bracelets for you to gift to your partner in the most beautiful packaging.

In the hassle of life and its highs and lows, the couple collection will put a smile on your face in the loving memory of your significant other.

magnetic beaded bracelet set - OurCoordinates

Talking about the Magnetic Couples Bracelets, they have one more option of a fully beaded bracelet in moonstones with two different colors. The magnetic pull of these bracelets indicates the strong bond being shared by the couple. Moreover, they are beautifully made out of glistening moonstone representing the sensational bond of the couple.

OurCoordinates majorly focuses on the wide yet exclusive variety that it can make available for people with different style preferences. Their array of necklaces proves to be the best to date.

Padlock pendant necklace with custom engraving by OurCoordinates

A popular style is the Engraved Padlock Necklace, which has a cute note of "Unlock my heart" engraved, making it unique and a signature bespoke piece. The locket variety furthermore consists of unique name pendants.

This locket comes in beautiful metallic cold color, made with sharp yet even cuts and delicacy with how captivating it sounds.

If you want to make someone realize that they are so special to you, this symbolic necklace will be the best choice.

You can wear your locket necklace with any outfit or occasion as it is a classic piece of statement jewelry.


Busy dreaming of surprise marriage proposals, people are often confused with the ring selection.

OurCoordinates makes it easy and desirable for couples to propose to each other with hand-engraved masterpiece metallic rings.

You can write a little word expressing your emotions such as "Love, hope and destiny" to express your gratitude and affection to your partner.

People spend millions of dollars choosing the best ring, but what's better than a ring expressing your feelings to your partner every time they look at it? You can even get the date engraved on it for them to remember the special day for a lifetime.

In a world of advancement and unlimited options, OurCoordinates revive the concept of love for you and your significant other to always hold onto each other with little gesture of love.

The Forever Bracelet Collection

forever bracelets - engraved leather bracelets - OurCoordinates

In a fast-moving world with technological advancement and growing bigger and better, we often forget the importance of reminding a loved one of how special they are.

Are you wondering how you can make your love last for your partner, friend, or family member?

The word forever explains the intensity of love that can make people last their relationship for a lifetime. It is always said to confess your feelings for a special one before it's too late.

OurCoordinates has launched its very own collection of forever bracelets for you to confess your commitment with elegance and style.

The idea behind choosing this texture is to deliver love and empathy in the best sense of the word itself.

These meaningful bracelets come in three categories; Leather, Metal, and Magnetic.

The idea behind releasing such thoughtful bespoke jewelry is not to limit the accessory to its looks but to extend it to the farthest meaning of expressive emotions. Much reflective thinking and contemplating ideas go into making these jewelry designs.

These bracelets come in various fittings, sizes, and materials to keep the legacy of bonding in love alive forever. The casual and formal leather bracelets allow you to choose if you want to make it an everyday accessory or an occasional timeless accessory.

The best part about these bracelets is that they can be looked upon after short intervals of time, reminding you of your beautiful yet magical love story. The consecutive reminders strengthen the bond of love and togetherness.

The traits of this jewelry are to make you look well-defined, beautiful, and elegant alongside strengthening your emotional stability on a day-to-day basis. OurCoordinates is the best example of producing products with valuable meaning and in-depth feelings.

Shop Our Best Sellers

With such an eloquent and sophisticated collection of beautiful jewelry pieces, narrowing down a few into the best sellers is relatively tricky. The bedazzling works and enchanting collection speak volumes for themselves.

Among this magnificent collection, the best-seller list includes Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings & Accessories That Customers Are Absolutely LOVING!

Romantic pieces such as our Heart Lock Bracelet & Key Necklace Jewelry Set symbolize keeping your love protected and only being unlocked by your soulmate. Love birds from all over have deliberately ordered these pieces for the last few months to acquire a jewelry piece filled with sentimental value.

Many Customers have uploaded pictures expressing their love with this meaningful jewelry. set!

The distinguishing feature of these best-sellers has been expressing unlimited love. People spend hours and months sorting out the "Unique yet never talked about gift.

OurCoordinates has it all sorted out for you to spend a minimal amount of time and energy on such exceptional quality gifts.

Signature Necklace Collection

silver and rose gold coordinates necklaces - OurCoordinates

The wide variety of pendant necklaces, cylindrical bar-shaped necklaces, and padlock necklaces are counted among the most wanted best seller products. These necklaces are easy to carry with light and closely knotted chains, making an elegant statement.

People are often reluctant to buy chunky jewelry because of its illuminating colors, bold designs, or high prices. OurCoordinates aims to produce jewelry that can decently define you with reasonable prices.

These necklaces are so simple yet so exclusive. They are not over or underwhelming but an absolute fit for your accessory selection.

Per the displayed pictures, you will notice the decency and subtleness of the designs.

Available in a wide variety of glistening metal colors, these necklaces can be worn on a day-to-day basis as well.

Engraved Ring Collection

silver engraved initial ring - OurCoordinates

The initial engraved rings and birthstone rings are a double Decker offer for couples ready to get married. These simple yet detailed pieces are a delicacy to endure. It comes in various soft metallic hues, such as gold, silver, and rose gold. OurCoordinates promotes the idea of simplicity yet exclusive through their designs.

These rings are custom-made with varying designs and engraved messages for the couples to remember each other in their loving memories.

OurCoordinates provides the leverage of choosing by the suitability of the bond. It does not restrict the buyers to specific limitations and let them explore their prestigious choices of selecting the best for themselves and their partner.

Wrapping Up How OurCoordinates Uses Precious Stones To Make Stunning Jewelry Pieces

The Team At OurCoordinates Has Combined Fashion and Traveling to Create Stunning Products Commemorating The Places That You Never Want to Forget

In addition to this, their return and refund policy allows the buyers to satisfy themselves with their purchase fully.

With elegant pieces, fast delivery, and a feasible refund and return policy, OurCoordinates has undoubtedly set a benchmark of trust, empathy, and reliance.

A Brand Like OurCoordinates is An Exceptional Example of a Family Owned Small Business That Truly Is Always Putting The Customer First!

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