Best Monogrammed Gift Ideas For Him, Her & The KIDS!

Unique Monogrammed Gift Ideas For Him, Her & The KIDS!

It's that time of year when everyone is doing some last-minute gift shopping for their favorite people. The team at OurCoordinates has put together the Ultimate Monogrammed Gift Guide to Help Knockout The Last Of Your Gift Shopping!

We all have a special someone in our lives who has everything they need, but no way to express their love for them. Well, this year it's different!

Whether you are giving someone new or old, there are so many ways to say "I love you" with these unique monogrammed gifts.

Unique Monogrammed Gifts For Him

Add a personal touch this Holiday season by giving the man in your life a Monogrammed gift!

Monogram gifts is one the most thoughtful presents you can give to a loved one. They are a great way to let your partner know how much you care about them. There are different types of monogrammed gifts for men: Jewelry, Apparel, and Accessories. You can also choose from a range of different monograms that suits his style.

1. Monogrammed Gym Bag

monogrammed gym bag for him - OurCoordinates

Whether it's the gym, their office, or just a getaway they deserve this durable and stylish monogrammed bag. Add in one or two personalized gifts as a surprise. This could include anything from an engraved beer mug to a custom cigar cutter because he deserves nothing less than something rare and special!

This Bag Will Become His Favorite Right Away With How Unique It Is.

2. Monogrammed Jewelry Box

monogrammed watch and jewelry box for him - OurCoordinates

This piece of art would look great on the dresser or hutch in your husbands' bedroom! Customize it with his initials and make sure to get one for yourself too. With a varnished exterior that looks like wood, this jewelry box says "I love you" at first glance without even saying a word!

A Personalized Engraving Can Be Added To Any Souvenirs Inside For More Personal Flair!

3. Monogrammed Necklace

man wearing silver monogrammed necklace - OurCoordinates

What's not to love about a lovely necklace that goes with the Jewelry box listed above?

Customize it with initials or something more special for an extra dose of pizzaz! A personalized engraving can also be added to both pieces if desired, making this one of those rare finds you really want in your jewelry collection!

4. Personalized Genuine Leather Wallet

monogrammed genuine leather mens wallet - OurCoordinates

Stay organized with a Personalized Wallet! The embossed Monogrammed Wallet is made from rich genuine leather and can accommodate up to 12 cards or cash in your chosen style. This gift would be especially special for guys who are always working away at the office. Customize it before purchase with their initials and no gift will go unloved this year when they find this personalized wallet waiting in their stocking!

Best Monogrammed Gifts For Her

Adding a monogram is a great way to enhance a gift by making it personalized to the one receiving the gift. And the best part? It’s affordable, simple, and easy to find monogrammed gifts for her.

Here Are Four of Our FAVORITE Monogrammed Gift Ideas For Her.

1. Leather Coordinate Bracelet

Monogrammed genuine leather nameplate bracelet for her - OurCoordinates

For the woman who loves personalized jewelry, this Monogrammed Leather Bracelet really makes a statement! Customize it with her initials on silver plating to make them shine like everytime the light catches it just right.

The lucky lady who receives such a thoughtful gift will love looking down and seeing "I Love You" in front of her eyes time after time!

Paired perfectly with any outfit you choose, consider getting one for yourself too and enjoy a 50% discount on your 2nd bracelet!

2. Monogrammed Luxury Bathrobe

monogrammed luxury bathrobe for her

Women love to take a few minutes for pampering their skin after a long day, so best of all is having an extra-cozy monogrammed bathrobe to lounge in around the house.

A nice change from your typical bathrobe, this luxurious monogrammed bathrobe comes in elegant satin or durable cotton with an initial on both sides if ordered with two colors. Customize it by adding "love" at the end of her name!

3. Custom Horizontal Bar Necklace

custom name necklace for her - OurCoordinates

An amazing Monogrammed Necklace is a special gift idea for a woman who loves jewelry. Customized with her initials on gold-plating so it shimmers in all its beauty, this Unique, Cut-Out Monogrammed Necklace will send sparks flying when she wears this piece!

Pick one or more colors to match your personal style and include any custom message you'd like on your necklace before gifting it to her.

4. Personalized Love Note Necklace w/ Rose Gift Box 

Valentines Day Gift Box With Roses and Personalized Gold Love Letter Necklace

What Girl Doesn't Love Red Roses & A Hand Engraved Love Letter Hidden Inside A Dainty Gold Envelope Necklace...? If There Are Any, I Haven't Had The Opportunity To Meet Them.

This Romantic Gift Set Comes Complete With A Dainty Gold Envelope Necklace With A Custom Love Note Tucked Away Inside!

Leave Your Desired Message In The Order Notes & Give Your Lady A Sentimental Surprise When She Realizes There Is More To This Necklace Than Meets The Eye!

Trending Monogrammed Gifts For Kids

Kids are the trendsetters of the next generation, and they are completely in love with all things monogrammed. It’s no wonder why they’re asking for it on everything! From their backpacks to their clothes, and even their accessories, kids want to be known as individuals. Make sure you take advantage of this trend by adding a personalized touch to any gift.

1. Monogrammed Airpods Case

Monogrammed airpods case for kids - OurCoordinates

One of the best apple gadgets to have in your life is a pair of wireless AirPods! Get an extra special case this holiday season that you can personalize with initials, or your name so you will never lose them again. This gift makes winter commuting more enjoyable--plug-in to recharge without needing cables!

2. Monogrammed Backpack For Kids

red monogrammed backpack with name nate

Help little ones begin their back-to-school shopping with a Monogrammed Kids Bag! For the ultimate in personalized gifts, make your child's name or initials appear on both sides of this sturdy backpack. This Monogrammed Kids Backpack can hold up to 90 pounds and will provide them with a unique gift to show off, while they inspire smiles all around town in style.

3. Monogrammed Cable-Knit Beanie

monogrammed cable knit winter hat for kids

Keep your little ones' heads warm and stylish in this Monogrammed Cable-Knit Hat For Kids. For a super cute personalized gift, send your favorite little someone to the slopes or shopping with a monogrammed winter beanie! This Monogrammed kids hat is made of cozy Knit Ribbing material so it will keep him looking cool all day long.

4. Monogrammed Piggy Bank For Kids

monogrammed piggy bank for kids - OurCoordinates

Help your kids save up for a Monogrammed Kids Piggy Bank that is the perfect gift to complete their Christmas list. For those budding business people out there, these Monogrammed Kids piggy banks come in various shapes & colors to stack your change in!

Bonus Monogrammed Gift Idea For Couples

1. Custom Matching Necklace Set

matching monogrammed necklace set - OurCoordinates

A thoughtful gift, this set is personal for both the giver and the receiver since it matches their initials on one side of each of the two engraved necklaces. Made from sleek stainless steel the pendant is, these are both practical and great-looking! The 50cm chain is adjustable in length and a good fit for both men & women.

You've Reached The End Of Our Best Monogrammed Gifts List!

Now that you know the best monogrammed gifts for him, her and the kids this christmas, it's time to start shopping!

We always like to start our holiday shopping with the best deals of the year. Our favorite place to find the biggest holiday discounts is WeThrift!

If you have any questions or need help choosing a gift, let us know. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you to create an amazing holiday season!

Let us know in the comments below if you are looking for a monogrammed gift for someone else this holiday season.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS - OurCoordinates!

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