Magnetic Bead Bracelets - 2 Moonstone Bracelets

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Magnetic Bead Bracelets -  Set of 2 Moonstone Bracelets

This set of two beaded bracelets is the perfect piece of jewelry for any couple with a close bond. Why? Well, not only do these two bracelets match, showing a pairing between you visually, but they are also magnetic, drawing, and attaching to each other when you are wearing them. This means that when your wrists are close to one another, you'll feel one another's energy and a pull towards each other.

set of 2 magnetic bead bracelets -  OurCoordinates

Gift A Pair Of Moonstone Bracelets To Your Favorite Couple

These bracelets are ideal for anyone with a close connection. Whether you're a couple, best friends, siblings, business partners, or anything else. The bracelets serve as a subtle way of showing your strong connection.

magnetic bead bracelets for couples - OurCoordinates

These are slightly different from completely matching bracelets. Instead, one bracelet is largely black, while the other is largely white. The design, however, is the same. This represents similarity at the same time as showing that you are still two separate, independent souls who just so happen to have happily connected!

High-Quality Precious Stones Make This Bead Bracelet Set Really Stand Out!

The bracelets themselves are made of moonstone, a pretty semi-precious stone, a stone well known for its tranquil and calming energy.

They make the perfect investment, or - even better - they can make the perfect gift for a special occasion. Perhaps a birthday, an anniversary, or as a stocking filler for the holiday season. Not only will you be giving beautiful jewelry, but you'll also be making a sentimental statement.

magnetic bead bracelet set - OurCoordinates

If you're looking for a further extra special touch when it comes to this bracelet, you can even add a gift message! Simply choose the "engrave text" option when you're checking out, and you'll be able to put words of your choice, whether that's a name, a phrase that you both hold dear, a special date, or anything else. This will really make these bracelets a special gift from the heart!

 Features Of Our Magnetic Bead Bracelet Set - 

  • Matching moonstone bracelets
  • Magnetic for the perfect connection
  • The perfect gift for your loved one!

1. Select your style of jewelry; are you looking to order a custom bracelet,  necklace or ring?

2. Select the color of your liking; we offer 14k Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Black.  All products are made using high quality stainless steel with no worries of fading or oxidization.

3. Now is the time to select your personalization options;

-if you would like text (a name, phrase or saying) select "Engrave Text" and input the desired text.

-if you are wanting to do our signature Coordinates Bracelet, Coordinates Ring or Coordinates Necklace, simply use our map to find the coordinates to your desired location!

4. Checkout time! Input your billing and shipping details, submit the order & let us handle the rest!

We hope this helps clear up any confusion when creating your travel jewelry from OurCoordinates, please message us if you ever have any problems with navigating our website.  Safe travels friends, much more content coming soon!

- OurCoordinates

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