Coordinates Bracelets: A Fun Way To Commemorate Your Travels In 2023

Have you ever taken a trip to a place that took your breath away?

I bet that special place somewhere on this giant planet immediately popped into your head as you read that sentence!

Keep that place in mind as it serves as the perfect spot to pull the coordinates from for your very own custom coordinate bracelet!

Now, What Are Coordinate Bracelets?

On the surface, a Coordinate Bracelet is just a simple bracelet engraved with latitude & longitude geographical coordinates of a location that you never want to forget.

If you look a little deeper into it, you will realize you are creating a wearable memory, merely looking at your custom bracelet can send memories of good times rushing through your mind.

Our Top 3 Coordinate Bracelets For 2023

1. OurCoordinates 

Cuff Bracelet With Coordinates - We may be slightly biased with this first pick, in our defense, that's because we know the delicate process behind every custom bracelet we create and deliver.

Things we LOVE; Deep hand-engraving, the engravings on OurCoordinates bracelets are profound and permanent, which is a huge bonus when shopping for quality.

coordinates bracelet from OurCoordinates


This store has a beautiful layout, high-quality images, and its products are of good quality and stand out.

Eve's gives their bracelets with coordinates a different look by completely cutting out the characters just leaving the outline of the coordinates, Very Cool!

They offer free shipping on all orders and ship your product within 24 hours, which can mean receiving your product as fast as possible.

Eves addiction bracelet with coordinates - OurCoordinates blog

What's not to love? Well, in our opinion, the price. The custom bracelets are quality, and fast shipping is a plus, but with a price tag of $207, we are going to keep shopping with our #1 pick; OurCoordinates.


We love the approach Dolceoro uses with their bracelets with coordinates.

High-quality images and a lot of information on the details of each bracelet, the laser engraving method is popular but not our favorite choice of style.

When you shop at Dolceoro, you notice that the descriptions are detailed and help guide you through the order process, beautiful work!

Dolceoro bracelets with coordinates -  OurCoordinates blog

Whats Dolcero lacking? Overall we think Dolceoro has a great product; the only improvements we could implement is finding a way to make free shipping available for customers.

Start Your Own Coordinates Collection Today At OurCoordinates

So, now that you know more about the meaning behind these custom cuff bracelets, it's time to decide on which brand will you go with for your custom bracelet with coordinates.

We hope OurCoordinates sits at the number 1 spot on your list like it does ours.

Comment and let us know your favorite! Thanks for reading Our Blog!

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