Top 5 Family Travel Spots You Must Visit

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation with your family, where the kids are behaving, and the relaxation is on full volume?

We know that taking a vacation with the little ones can be a handful, there is so much to think about and so many things to look up in advance.

I’m here to help you set up a nice list for you and your family, to make your next vacation a little more relaxing.

Here is our list of coordinates leading to the worlds’ Top 5 Family Travel Spots You Must Visit!

1. Lisbon, Portugal. (38.7223° N, 9.1393° W)

If you can’t decide between city life or a beach vacation, Lisbon is the right place for you and your family.

Lisbon is known as one of Europe’s hottest city’s right now, it is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy a morning surf lesson before you head downtown for some amazing food, kid-friendly plazas, and restaurants that will have your taste buds begging for more!

Lisbon is also home to the worlds’ greatest aquarium, it is actually located in the ocean, most definitely worth checking out!

lisbon aquarium - Our Coordinates

2. Athens, Greece. (37° 59' 1.7160'' N  23° 43' 39.1404'' E)

The sun, the people, and the food make the incredible harmony of Athens.

There are so many fun activities that suit both the old and the young, check out the history behind this wonderful place in one of the many museums or walk around and view some of the world’s most amazing architecture.

If you’re more of a beach family, Athens holds an incredible and beautiful Riviera, just 30 minutes away from downtown. One thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

Parthenon - Athens, Greece - Our Coordinates

3. Gozo, Malta. (36.0443° N, 14.2512° E)

Get the most out of your vacation in Malta. The beautiful island Gozo is just a 20-minute ferry ride from the main island Malta.

This little historical island has just been renovated and tourism is booming. There plenty of small little silver shops owned by the locals and markets you’ll never find anywhere else.

There are plenty of activities to do with your kids, such as horse-riding along the beach, although, if your family is seeking more thrill than that, you can dive down 130 ft and see the sunken ship Karwela.  Fun fact, they recorded many episodes of Games of Thrones on this island.

karwela ship wreck - Our Coordinates

4. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. (8.5069° S, 115.2625° E)

Turn off your phones, put your work aside, and get off that couch for a change. In Ubud, you’ll find your inner peace and harmony.

Take a relaxing yoga day by the beach while the kids are being looked after. In most resorts here they have staff that will look after your little ones while you go and enjoy yourself!

When it’s time for the kids to enjoy themselves, head over to the Ubud monkey forest, and enjoy some cute monkeys, please don’t have to lose items on you while you visit, the monkeys like to take souvenirs from their visitors.

Another thing you can find in Ubud, that you won’t find anywhere else in the world is the amazingly beautiful and green rice fields.

visit the monkey forest in ubud - Our Coordinates

5. Valencia, Spain. (39.4699° N, 0.3763° W)

Are your kids the ”What are we going to eat”-type of kids? They might leave you speechless in Valencia. The food here is incredible, most food is so delicious, often families will travel back just for that reason.

While you let the food digest, you might want to take a free toured-walk around the city, there are plenty of building to see and people to watch. End your walk by the beach where there are playgrounds shattered all over the place for your kids to explore. Maybe all while you enjoy a fresh ice-cream from one of the vendors.

Does that seem a bit to lame for your family? That’s alright, head down to Valencia in March to experience Las Fallas. Las Fallas is a night-long street party where everyone in the neighborhood builds a sculptor to set on fire, it is an amazing show to witness, memories you’ll never forget.

Las Fallas festival, valencia - Our Coordinates

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