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ultimate sweden travel guide - Our Coordinates blog

Picture this: You step outside in the middle of the day but its pitch-black outside.

You take a deep breath through your nose and the nostril hair freezes to ice. You exhale and more smoke comes out than when you had your bad vaping habits.

The cold air starts getting to you, you feel it in your bones, in your spine and you shiver. You can barely move from the cold but yet you still want to stand out there and stare, there is something so breathtaking that your seeing, you can’t take your eyes away, you don’t want to go inside, despite the cold.

Soon you won't feel the cold anymore, you don’t care how dark it is in the middle of the day, you’re too focused on staring at the sky.

The sky has turned in to something magical tonight, something so magical it can only happen for a couple of weeks throughout the year. Experience the Northern light the real Scandinavian way.

Here’s a List of Great Places to Visit While Seeking a Rainbow Sky in Sweden

Ultimate Sweden travel guide - OurCoordinates blog

Abisko, Sweden - 68.3495° N, 18.8312° E

Here you can find the first built light station, where tourists can come and watch the breathtaking views more accessible. The beautiful and historical town is also famous for its magnificent hiking trails, some of them stretch as far as 25 miles.

Ultimate Sweden travel guide - OurCoordinates

Kiruna, Sweden - 67°51'20.59"N,  20°13'30.47"E

Kiruna is an interesting small little city in the northern parts of Sweden.

The whole city just recently relocated 3 miles and has some beautiful architecture to see.

Since the city is located so far north, there is an 88% chance you’ll catch the northern lights on a cloud-free day.

Ultimate Sweden travel guide - OurCoordinates blog

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden - N 67° 50' 16.1808", E 20° 36' 30.6216"

At this beautiful northern Swedish urban town, you’ll find the famous Ice-Hotel (STAYING HERE IS A MUST!) The Ice hotel offers Northern Lights safaris at night and other fun activities you can do in the snow, such as snow scooter riding.

So, what's left to do on your return from Sweden?

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