A List of the BEST Outdoor Adventures & Activities In California

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Enjoying the California Outdoors, Top Adventures and Nature Activities

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California is full of natural features all around its borders. Due to this, the state experiences an influx of numerous visitors visiting the place.

The waterfalls, caves, and sandy beaches are just a few of the nation's natural features. The following are among the historical sites that offer tourist attractions to visitors.

The Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves

32.9255°N, 116.1912°W

Exploring the Arroyo Tapiado Cave in california - Ourcoordinates blog

The cave was formed due to the occurrence of strong winds and water decades ago.

Most of the time, it is full of mud. From kids to old generations, every person finds the cave attractive. Numerous activities happen around the cave, and they include; walking inside the cave, taking pictures, and conducting personal research and studies. However, when people choose to visit this cave, they should be very cautious as the cave is not under good maintenance conditions.

Golden Gate Bridge

37.8199°N, 122.4783°W

Golden gate bridge in San Francisco, California - OurCoordinates blog

The Golden Gate Bridge offers the most significant tourist destination across the world. Filled with marveled engineering touch, the iconic pieces of art stand to please anyone who may dedicate their time into visits the place.

Found in San Francisco, many tourists visit the area at any time of the season. Tourists enjoy their time by walking along the bridge or cycling.

The Balconies Cave and Bear Gulch Cave

36.4906°N, 121.1825°W

Bear Gulch Cave in Pinnacle National Park - OurCoordinates blog

Located inside Pinnacles National Park, home to many caves and trails ranging from a 1 hour hike up to 6 hours of hiking.

These caves offers activities such as rock climbing and excellent views of specimen of Talus caves. Hiking lovers can enjoy themselves in such sites as it provides activities for advanced cavers as well. Nevertheless, those who also want to explore the cave through footing can do so, as they are numerous routes inside.

Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens


santa barbara botanic gardens - OurCoordinates blog

The 78 acres garden is full of native plants and beautiful landscapes. The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden park is also home to desert-like cactus and ponds containing fish and turtles.

Parents can take their kids on these sites during hot weather conditions and have a cooldown. However, those who are not fans of swimming can choose to climb the borders of the gardens. A tour guide book can be of great help in solving cave mysteries.

Big Horn Mine

34.3561°N, 117.7448°W

Big Horn mine in california - OurCoordinates

The Big Horn Mine is near Baden Powell Mountain. Sky viewers can get a glimpse of the extraordinary place even from a further distance.

The cave also has remnants of gold mining equipment that were used sometime in the past. Besides hiking, the cave also contains the Vincent C akin, where people can walk in the Cabin.

Salt Marsh (El Estuaro)

34.22083°N, -115.05°W

california salt marsh - OurCoordinates blog

It is one of the wet areas in the Southern parts of California.

Nevertheless, the area is also full of birds, fish, snails, and sharks. The site is also the remaining coastal estuary in California state. The area is the right setting for children who can enjoy looking at the interpretive signs and observation decks.

The tourist attraction site can also be an excellent educational site for children, helping them learn more about their heritage.

Coronado Butterfly Preserve and Ellwood Main Monarch Grove

34.424180°N, -119.889750°W

monarch butterfly preserve in california - OurCoordinates blog

The Coronado  is one of the largest Monarch Butterflies found in California.

The 9.3 acre of land is always ripe with butterflies during their peak season, from December to February.

Both children and adults alike are always fascinated with viewing the site. Posts and tourist guide maps are still present at this site, which help tourists discover the best places to visit—some of the exciting places include; Ellwood Shores Coastal Bluffs and the Devereux Slough.

Lake Tahoe

39.0968°N, 120.0324°W

lake tahoe in california - OurCoordinates

The lake came into existence some more than 1 million years ago. It is also among the largest lakes around the world, lying between California and Nevada. All the same, there are also mountains around the lake.

A person can enjoy numerous activities such as snowmobile riding and snowshoeing in the winter season. During spring, people can enjoy water sports, swimming, paddle boating, and jet skiing.

Shasta Lake

40.6804°N, 122.3708°W

The lake is found on the North end of Shasta town.

go see shasta lake in northern california - OurCoordinates blog

About ten miles, there are vacation rentals that have breathtaking and excellent sceneries.

Activities found along the lake can include some amazing scenery for nature hikes if you were hoping to get some exercise and see some wildlife. They also have water skiing, paddle boards & kayaks!

Malibou (Malibu) lake

34.1070°N, 118.7570°W

Malibou lake in california - OurCoordinates blog

Established in 1922, it is a small gated community that surrounds the private lake. Even though the site has magnificent scenery, and the lake can only be used by residents thus; other people are only allowed to view it as they cycle or drive.

The Wildwood Falls

43.6998°N, 122.81865°W

wildwood falls in california - OurCoordinates blog

These falls have the same attention and publicity, just like the ones in Southern California.

Initially kept as a secret by locals, it is a sound swimming hole for most people to enjoy their time and have fun. Be more cautious when visiting this place as very little maintenance is being carried on.

Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden

33.3263°N, 118.3402°W

wrigley memorial and botanic garden california - OurCoordinates blog

The garden covers an area of about 38 acres. Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden are also found in Catalina Island.

Visitors can reach the location by traveling by bus or hiking to see the mountainous view. Nevertheless, it is also a preserved center for wildlife and plants.

Big Sur Coastline

36.299216°N, 121.873402°W

Big Sur coastline in california - OurCoordinates blog

The Coastline stretches about 180 kilometers through Central California. One can be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery by driving along the Coastline.

Nevertheless, several attraction sites such as Bixby Bridge and Sur Lighthouse are found on the line.

Seaworld San Diego

32.7641°N, 117.2263°W

seaworld in san diego california - OurCoordinates blog

The beautiful scenery is found in San Diego. It maintains exciting features such as marine mammals and enclosed shows.

Nevertheless, polar bears and walruses are also present. The Shamu show is also among the significant exciting shows and attractions in the Seaworld of San Diego.

The Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

34.572800°N, -120.146840°W

alisal guest ranch and resort in california - OurCoordinates

The Guest units in this area are designed in a typical California classic. They also serve delicious meals and cuisines.

Nevertheless, children's activities such as Petting Zoo and ranch animals are also present. All the same, golf and tennis lessons are also being offered.

Venice Canals Walkway

33.9835°N, 118.4677°W

the venice canals in venice california - OurCoordinates blog

The canals were built by Abbot Kinney and located in the South of California as well. Through beautiful situated quaint houses, some features and bridges wander off.

Overall, Canals provide an excellent place for a person to wander off and enjoy a pleasant walking off.

That About Wraps Up Our List of Adventurous Activities to Do In California!

These are a few areas of the places in California that are full of scenic beauty. These natural features have are important landmarks due to their historical value. With these, tourists can get an idea of what the place was like during a specific period.

The historical sites in California can be educational and fun-filled at the same time.

As you enjoy your tour, remember to visit OurCoordinates website to get great offers of some gifts you can order online. Enjoy your visit & let us know how we can reach you.

Ultimate list of outdoor activities to do in california - OurCoordinates blog

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