A Night Out In Reykjavik, Iceland - The Best Local Eats, Bars & Clubs

The ultimate guide to the best night of your life in Reykjavik Iceland - OurCoordinates

Iceland is a lovely country to visit. It is unique, beautiful, and a cool photo-shoot location if you are into that sort of thing. However, what Iceland is known for is its nightlife and bar scene. Nightlife in Iceland is something you can spend months researching online. Or you could use this article as your guide to the most fantastic city in the world, Reykjavik.

Must-Read Guide To The Best Nightlife In Reykjavik, Iceland - (64.1466° N, 21.9426° W)

Because everyone always asks us – just what's so great about Reykjavik? Well, we've found the answer to that question…

You see, Reykjavik is tiny – there are only about 123,000 people, and they all live in the surrounding 200 sq. km of land that is surrounded by a giant fjord and a cold ocean. So, while Reykjavik is tiny, it does have a huge personality – everyone else stands out, and Reykjavik stands out.

Iceland's capital has a sub-tropical climate (the same environment as Thailand), and you will see many trees, plants, and flowers springing up as the temperatures start to climb in the summer. The result? You'll see lots of green!

The capital is also a beautifully clean town – it's touristy, but not dirty and grungy. It's clean and safe and makes you feel important, like you're part of something special. It's small enough that you can get to know everyone – in a way, it's very "city-dwelling."

The ultimate guide to the best night of your life in Reykjavik Iceland - OurCoordinates

Reykjavik has lots to do for everyone. It is famous for its nightlife – there are about 7 bars and clubs per 1000 inhabitants. It has an excellent and unique history and architecture – with many buildings restored to their original. And it has lots of museums.

There is also an amazing mix of high-quality shops and stores – many firmly established businesses with tons of history attached and more modern brands, often still with old-fashioned flair. And, the government has come up with a concerted effort to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship.

Reykjavik is also known for its excellent restaurants – everything from fresh seafood to fine French cuisine – making it a gastronomically satisfying destination. There are several things to do in the surrounding area (including impressive waterfalls, glaciers, and other natural wonders).

On to the Good Stuff: Nightlife In Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is a small city when it comes to nightlife, but that does not mean that it lacks active bars and clubs around the streets of the city. It is a very popular destination for tourists and locals alike who love to let loose and have a good time at one of the many clubs located throughout the city.

What you need to know about nightlife in Reykjavik

In general, the drinking age depends on where you are in Iceland (easy enough to get around). If you go to a bar, the legal drinking age is 20. If you are 18 or older and you have a valid passport, you can get into clubs (if they allow it) if you are foreign. For those 21 and up, you are allowed in most bars if you bring your ID. Some establishments might have strict restrictions or something similar, but this happens with young people as well.

The Best Local Craft Bars & Nightclubs In Reykjavik

Grái Kötturinn or the Grey Cat (the cat is also known as the Blue Cat, and other things) is a great place to start if you need an excellent pregame before going to a club. This bar is located in downtown Reykjavik, so there are tons of other bars and restaurants nearby. The drinks are affordably cheap, and the bartenders are friendly. There's usually some hot foreign chicks there. It is a fun place to go, and it gets pretty crowded here.

grai kotturinn or the grey cat bar in reykjavik - OurCoordinates

The next place you should check out is Bar Ananas. It is located in the heart of downtown Reykjavik, and it is a great place to get some drinks and enjoy the city nightlife. The crowd here is friendly, and there are drink specials almost every night. They have a happy hour that starts at noon on weekdays, so it's good to come by early before you start picking up some shots or drinks. 

Bar Ananas in Reykjavik, Iceland - OurCoordinates

Astro Bar/Nightclub - Nightclub Astro offers a wonderful treat to visitors to ensure they return. Fiery rhythms of dance music and sexy "Go-Go" girls—this is only a small part of what awaits visitors. Don't forget about the bar, located at the club, because it invites all to enjoy the best drinks, including cocktails, beer, wines, champagne, and cognacs.

Kaldi Bar - Best bar in Reykjavík, in my opinion. Suitable for meeting up and drinks; never a dull moment when Kaldi is around. It's a great place to commence your night.


Kaldi the top rated club in iceland - OurCoordinates

12 Tonar - Originally known for being one of the best record stores in Reykjavik, 12 Tonar recently added a bar & club which is all about having a fantastic time. They often play house and techno music, and you'll often find amazing parties here.

12 Tonar record store and club - OurCoordinates

Icelandic Craft Bar - If you're looking for some Icelandic beers, this is the place. They have a vast selection of unique beers for you to try, and they also serve a great pub grub.

Icelandic craft bar - OurCoordinates

Skuli Craft Bar - Great spot for lots of fun. It serves some great beers and a wide variety of drinks. It's the perfect place to chill out, relax, and have a few drinks with good company.

skuli craft bar in Reykjavik Iceland - OurCoordinates

Kiki Queer Bar - If you want a bar that is all about fun, then this is your place. They play house music and have very friendly staff. It's the perfect place to get on the dance floor and have a good time.

KiKi Queer Bar In Iceland - OurCoordinates

Gaukurinn - This is one of the largest clubs in Reykjavik. They often play techno, house, and R&B music. You'll also meet a lot of locals here on the weekends. It's a great place to start your night, and they also have a pretty good restaurant, perfect if you're hungry after a few drinks.

Gaukurinn is one of the largest clubs in Iceland - OurCoordinates

Kaffibarinn - Probably the best place for drinks in Reykjavik. They have a large selection of beers and some great cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, perfect to start your night with. They also have a wide range of bar food that is pretty yummy. Never a dull night at Kaffibarinn.

Kaffibarinn - best place for drinks - OurCoordinates

Micro Bar - A fantastic spot that serves some excellent beer and cocktails. You'll often find great DJs playing here. It's a nice place for meeting new people in Reykjavik, especially if you're into the music scene.

Micro Bar In Reykjavik Iceland - OurCoordinates

These are some of the places that you can visit in Reykjavik for dancing and partying all night long. It is important to note that these venues are highly popular, so it is crucial to arrive early and queue. Be sure that you are aware of the days when the club or bar is open before you head out on your travels.

Other places to go: There are tons of bars in Reykjavik, but these are some of the coolest ones that I've been to. They aren't all over the city, but they are all around town. Get some drinks and enjoy the city nightlife! That's our job...

The only two downsides to living in Reykjavik are, as you might expect (given it's a small city with lots of people), parking problems (there aren't many free spaces), and the weather. Reykjavik is not known for its "winter," but it is known for its rain. During summer, when most of the roads and sidewalks are dry and dusty, and all the outdoor activities take place outdoors, rain is more frequent than sunshine.

Wrapping Up Your Night Out In Reykjavik, Iceland

If you are 20 years old or older, I highly recommend going to Iceland. Yes, it's far, and some things suck about traveling here (besides the jetlag), but overall it's worth doing at least once in your life. Make sure to check out the bars and clubs mentioned above, and enjoy the city!

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We can see why everyone asks us – just what's so great about Reykjavik? Well, we've found the answer to that question. This review is a travel guide and local information resource, written to help you decide whether Reykjavik is the right place for you. It's written in a friendly and informative manner, to get you to meet people who live there and enjoy it too.

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