6 Tips For Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad

Numerous aspects of traveling are remarkable - discovering different areas, encountering new individuals worldwide, and enjoying some good quality time with your loved ones. Traveling helps you to have a broader perspective and brings you a tremendous feeling of liberation while you're out exploring.

It is thrilling and memorable. It is also beneficial to travel to a foreign country at least once in a lifetime. Yet all the positives that traveling offers, there are still various negatives as well (we'll discuss those later).

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6 Tips For Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad

When you're in a different location that is foreign to you, you're not going to understand the details that make that particular community work. It's frightening, but it isn't as horrible as it could be if you know what to do while you're out there.

With so many factors that go into organizing a journey, travelers make basic common errors without realizing it. Traveling to new places broadens our vision and contributes to bittersweet memories, but if we're not extra diligent, they can transform into horrific experiences too.

Most of the factors that can keep people away from touring are the fear of being unprotected.

We've also seen the horror tales about travelers being robbed by thieves, getting their belongings taken from their baggage, or even worse. From handbag grabbers and I.D. robbers and even more sinister offenders such as abductors and human traffickers, there's often a new news story on the front page of somebody reaping the benefits of passengers.

Although unpleasant events can take place while traveling, a bunch can be avoided by being knowledgeable, mindful, as well as using your rational thinking and instincts to direct you.

If you're curious how to keep yourself protected, here are some of the best tips and shortcuts to hopefully keep you and your belongings safe & sound while you're on the way and prevent you from getting into frequent traps and serious risks.

So let's begin:

Tip #1. Know The Common Travel Scams

Many travelers and visitors worldwide have been targets of travel fraud, so it is evident that they lack information. There are many famous tourist spots notorious for muggers as well as other travel scams. The easiest solution to safeguard yourself is to be mindful of the dangers and focus on keeping your personal belongings safe. 

know of all common travel scams when abroad - OurCoordinates

It is still beneficial to do some in-depth analysis even before the journey begins and communicate with other travelers or residents regarding their encounters. Typically each country has its specific unique scams to the lookout. A fast Google research will assist you in this, enter your location, and see whatever the main cons are. There are several popular travel tricks that humans from all around the world frequently do to ignorant visitors. One typical example will be someone in the money exchange sector.

Tip #2. Blend With The Surroundings

Attempt to mix in with the environment and stop posing like an apparent visitor. Choosing to wear expensive jewelry and improper clothes can make you look out of place, leaving you highly exposed to fraudsters and robbers.

blend in with the locals when traveling abroad - OurCoordinates

Make sure to do your homework until you travel to figure out the type of clothing natives wear and then adapt along. That in itself is a perfect idea for travel security, yet it is often a show of appreciation for local culture and can help you avoid upsetting residents. In particular, it's better to dress respectably, prevent social displays of intimacy, and keep costly jewels at home.

Tip #3. Know All The Emergency Information

tip 4 always know emergency information at the location you travel to - OurCoordinates

Wherever you're going, it is essential to learn the nearest emergency services and numbers. You might catch yourself in a hurry, which makes it hard to seek assistance.

So, prior to leaving, locate and record the regional emergency numbers that will help you prevent any misfortune. It is also best advised to tell your loved ones regarding your travel spot (address, contact information) and secure valuable documents such as your passports and potential visa in a safe location.

Note to save confidential records, mobile numbers or contact details on your phone and every other information that can help in possible emergencies, such as your email address, if necessary.

Tip #4. Carry Money Safely


tip 5 - always carry money securely when traveling - OurCoordinates

The most reliable travel safety awareness resource would warn you never to carry much money as it's a smart choice to bring massive sums of cash. If you have to withdraw vast sums of money at once, keep the majority of it tucked up tightly in your hotel room and bring it out only when you need it. When accessing ATMs, select only those connected to banks as they are less likely to have been interfered with by scam artists. You should often be conscious of your environment so that no one will be coming too close or attempting to know your PIN.

Tip #5. Get Travel Insurance

You never thought you require travel insurance before do. This is among the most critical safety tips for traveling. This need is too often viewed as a privilege, although there is no doubt that the number of incentives for travel insurance far exceeds the premium as far as protection is concerned.

Trip cancellation or delay, missing luggage, and emergency care services are necessary. Travel insurance gives assurance in all sorts of unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents, sickness, robbery, or loss of possessions.

tip 5 get travel insurance before your next vacation - OurCoordinates

Be sure that you claim the losses as quickly as possible to help speed up the insurance claims. And don't forget to take care of your devices. The insurance provider often protects video devices, computers, and mobile phones.

Tip #6. Listen To Your Instincts

tip 6 - follow your instincts when traveling - OurCoordinates

When anyone or any location makes you unpleasant, there's usually an explanation for that. Our intuition also picks up information that we're not fully aware of.  There's no place for good manners when you believe you're at risk. Pay attention to your thoughts. They're going to help you stay safe.


We often aim for the greatest, but planning for something worse is always a positive thing. When you reflect back on your traveling experiences, there might be some unpleasant memories that you may have created throughout your journey. Do share your feedback in the comments section and how you overcome the challenge. It's always easier to learn from other perspectives. Your minimal work will help people escape those problems, and their interactions will be fun.

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