The Ultimate Elopement Checklist: 8 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack

The ultimate elopement checklist 8 things you need to pack - OurCoordinates

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Eloping is the hot new trend in modern weddings.

Traditional weddings involve huge budgets and many stress-inducing factors, so it’s no surprise more couples are choosing to elope. With an elopement, planning for the special event is far simpler and the day is much more intimate.

But, eloping is only easy and fun when you properly plan for the event and the big day.

In today’s post, we will present you with the ultimate elopement checklist. It includes 8 important things you shouldn’t forget to pack.

Read on to learn more!

But first… 

What Is an Elopement?

The ultimate elopement checklist 8 things you need to pack - OurCoordinates
Photo by Jay Santos on Unsplash

An elopement is a micro wedding event that is conducted privately away from home. It involves a civil ceremony similar to the one overseen by a judge. This unique wedding ritual normally involves traveling to a new place such as an island in a different state or county.

It is a great alternative to the hassle of a big traditional wedding. Couples can easily avoid the issue of numerous and conflicting family expectations, thus making do with virtually no ceremony ritual. If eloping is your dream wedding, then it’s time you prepare your elopement checklist.

The Ultimate Elopement Checklist

Here are the 8 important things you shouldn’t forget to pack:

1.) Paperwork

    Is the elopement your legal wedding? If so, you will need a marriage license to make the elopement official. To apply for a marriage license, you will need the following:

    • Proof of identity
    • Proof age
    • A partner
    • Payment for the application fee
    • A marriage termination document for those previously married

    Once you’ve got all the requirements for a marriage license application, visit the clerk’s office with your partner to apply for and sign the marriage application. Make sure you bring money or a cheque to pay for the marriage license. Hand the marriage license to the officiate at your ceremony so he or she may certify your license. 

    2.) Wedding Rings

      While it is a norm in a traditional wedding ceremony to exchange rings, it is optional with an elopement. But the most potent and romantic symbol of marriage is usually the ring.

      This, however, doesn’t mean you have to spend a huge budget to include this age-old tradition in your eloping ceremony. If putting a ring on her finger on that special day is your lifelong dream, there are economical options you can consider.

      Lab-created and simulated diamonds are two great options for couples on a budget. You can compare lab-created vs simulated diamonds to check which of the two best suits you.

      As for the trends, options are many on the market. The most popular trends include Toi Et Moi, gender-neutral rings, vintage, colorful gemstones, and so on.     

      3.) Wedding Vows

        Your elopement does not need anything else other than the legal minimum paperwork and witnesses, right? But wedding vows and wedding rings can help solidify the ceremony.

        You can create unique, personalized vows since an elopement is a private ceremony. These will be some of the most important words you will ever say to each other because they express a lifelong pledge of love and faithfulness. Just make sure you write your vows in a book or on paper. 

        4.) Elopement Dress

          Though it is an elopement, the bride can still look as stunning as ever. What better way to look spectacular than with an elopement dress.

          The dress you choose, however, must be a convenient option for the type of elopement you are planning. If you are eloping to an urban destination, nothing will be restricting a bride-to-be from wearing a ballgown or a trumpet.   

          But, if you are eloping to Rocky Mountains in Denver, a bride will be better off with a carefree outfit. Some great suggestions include a lace midi skater dress, a wonder mini dress, or a reformation Corinth silk dress. 

          Also, pack the appropriate jewelry that complements the elopement dress. Avoid over-emphasizing, but buy designs and trends that offer reusability.  

          5.) Groom’s Elopement Outfit

            While a traditional wedding ceremony requires a complete tuxedo, elopements are carefree. There are many trends grooms can choose from, depending on their personal preferences.   

            Some outfit inspirations elopement grooms include casual with suspenders, Chicago outfit, which is a custom-made dark grey suit and a white button-down, and so on. Anything goes as long as it catches the eyes of your bride.  

            6.) Additional Clothing

              Apart from your elopement outfit, you need additional clothing. What you pack depends on the terrain, season, and weather.

              If you are eloping to high altitudes or cold climates, then you will need to pack coats or jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, leggings, and wool base layers among other essentials.

              If you are planning an adventurous elopement, you must include the appropriate adventure clothing. Preferably, pack athletic workout clothing that is odor-resistant and moisture-wicking.   

              7.) Accessories and Toiletries

                Don’t forget to pack one of the most important accessories—shoes. Typical elopements involve a lot of walking and even hiking and climbing for some couples.

                So, make sure you pack comfortable shoes that will go easy on your feet. Be practical when selecting shoes. For instance, don’t pack official shoes for men and heels for women and expect to use them for hiking.  

                As for toiletries, we recommend you pack things like:

                • Makeup for the bride-to-be
                • Comb and brush
                • Gel, hairspray, and hairpins
                • Deodorant
                • Razor and shaving cream
                • First aid kit
                • Nail clippers and tweezers
                • Mini sewing kit
                • Sunscreen
                • Handheld mirror

                You can include as many toiletries as necessary, depending on the needs of you and your spouse. 

                8.) Flowers and Champagne

                  You can elevate your elopement wedding photos with beautiful flowers. Get ready-to-go bouquets from an online flower shop or a local florist. Also, make sure your big day is at a time when your favorite flowers are in season.

                  Make the epic day even more romantic with champagne. You can have your own private wedding reception with a champagne toast.   

                  Final Words

                  Now you know what you shouldn’t forget to pack for your elopement. Just avoid planning too much. The idea is to start planning early, but that’s not to say to plan every single second of your event. In addition to your checklist, make sure you decide on where you want to elope, book a photographer, and book your trip in time. 

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