Placing An Order On OurCoordinates

We hope you are as excited to have stumbled upon our site as we are to have you here! Whether you came here out of curiosity or are ready to make your purchase of some OurCoordinates travel jewelry, rings, necklaces & bracelets, we want to make sure the ordering process is as smooth as can be! Let's take a walk through the process.

1. Select your style of jewelry; are you looking to create engraved bracelets, necklaces or custom name rings?

2. Select the metal finish color; we offer Gold, Silver & Rose Gold.  High-quality stainless steel with no worries of fading or tarnishing.

3. Now is the time to select your personalization options;

-if you would like text (a name, phrase or saying) select "Engrave Text" and input the desired text.

-if you are wanting to do our signature Coordinates Bracelet or Coordinates Necklace, simply use our map to find the coordinates to your desired location!

4. Checkout time! Input your billing and shipping details, submit the order & let us handle the rest!

We hope this helps and clears up any confusion when creating your travel jewelry from OurCoordinates, please message us if you ever have any problems with navigating our website.  Safe travels friends, much more content coming soon!

- OurCoordinates

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