Best Engraving Techniques For Personalized Gifts

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Examining the Best Engraving Techniques for Creating Personalized Gifts

Want to add that special touch to a gift for someone special? We'll help you add some personal touches to almost any material, but we need to learn the best method first.

Let’s talk a little bit about engraving. It’s a process that involves putting a design or image into a hard, non-living material such as metal, stone, or plastic. The outcome is a permanent image and a sharp or raised surface.

Engraving has been used for thousands of years to create various belongings, from furniture to art pieces to knives and more. For a long time, it was the only way you could always ensure that your items contained the same design, image, and name.

These days you may have noticed that some of your items say “engraved,” or “engraved with an emblem” or “engraved by laser” or “engraved with ink.”

All these terms mean essentially the same thing: they refer to a specific engraving technique being applied to your item.

Take a moment to browse our catalog of products and learn what each one entails so that you can make an informed decision about how you want to have your item designed, engraved, and engraved with your emblem. We’re very serious when we say that we will give you the most accurate reproduction possible when it comes to your item’s design!

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The beauty of engraved tools is that you can buy them in any shape you want. You can use wood, metal, porcelain, or plastic to make engraved pieces. They can be simple designs or intricate filigree, which can then be painted or left unvarnished. However, no matter what you wish to engrave on your tool, there are specific techniques that produce the best results.

Any type of engraving technique will require a certain level of care. Specific tools need to be handled more carefully than others. This article will introduce you to the various types of engraving and explain which techniques are appropriate for each item.

Why Choosing the Proper Technique Is Critical to Your Success

Jewelry is a special type of object that can be personalized with engraving. The possibilities are endless when it comes to jewelry engraving. Choosing the right technique requires some thought, but it’s well worth the effort. You want to select the method that works best for your project.


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Part of choosing the right technique involves considering your personal needs and taste. Jewelers are often inspired by their ideas when creating personalized pieces of jewelry or accessories.

Each person personality's unique characteristics should be considered when determining which technique will work best for you. If you have an idea for a piece of jewelry, it’s helpful to know if other people might find it appealing as well.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a friend or loved one? Knowing how your desired piece will look with other styles can help narrow down your options for customizing it with engraving.

Benefits of Using Engraving Techniques

There are many reasons why you may decide to have your jewelry inscribed or engraved, even if you’re unsure about the result. You can improve the appearance and overall value of your piece of jewelry by adding engraving skills.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, adding engravings to your jewelry is an excellent way to do so; without feeling like you’re going over the top.

It also makes perfect gifts because most people like personalization in their gifts, so having something that says something special about who you are is a nice way to show someone you care about them deeply without feeling overly sentimental or cheesy.

Etching is a very popular engraving technique for jewelry - OurCoordinates blog

There are many benefits to using an engraving tool. The most obvious benefit is that Our Coordinates tools are made to last many years. This means you will get many years of use from a single device.

Engraving also allows you to remember special occasions like:

  • weddings
  • birthdays
  • retirements
  • graduations
  • anniversaries

Whatever engraving technique you choose, rest assured that there are many benefits to having something personalized with your name or initials engraved on it (or whatever else is important to you).

Which Engraving Techniques Do You Need?

There are many different types of laser engraving available, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Our customer support team can help you choose the right one for your project.

Each of OurCoordinates products comes with an image already completed and ready for your customization. There is no need for any initial work. However, if you want to engrave multiple items at a time or change out images for personalization purposes, we can utilize several different techniques to meet your needs. We have several other options depending on what is best for you and how many items you wish to customize at once.

Choosing the right engraving technique to match your needs can be confusing. That’s why we wrote this article. Here are some things you need to think about before deciding.

How often do you plan on using your tool? Do you want it to be highly visible? Or would you prefer a more stealthy look?

How much detail do you want? High-quality engraving tools can achieve thousands of lines per inch (LPI). On the other hand, low-quality tools may only be able to achieve a few hundred LPI.

Do you want a custom image or a simple text message? Both of these options require different types of engraving techniques. We’ve worked hard to provide a wide range of options for both of these needs.


laser engraving is a great technique for metal products - OurCoordinates blog

How long do you plan on keeping this tool? Do you want to be able to remove and reapply it without damage for later use? Or would you prefer to leave it on permanently?

Your next piece of jewelry may be a little more personalized. Learn about the different types of engraving techniques and which one best suits your project.

Stamping: A traditional process that crafts a detailed image on a block of hardened steel. This technique requires some initial work.

Abrasive Engraving: A process that crafts a detailed image on a block of hardened steel without any initial work. Some consider this technique to be less permanent than the other methods.

Hydro-Slicing: A process that crafts a detailed image on a block of hardened steel without any initial work. Some consider this technique to be less permanent than the other methods.

CNC Rotary engraving vs. CNC Laser engraving

machines can help with some engraving techniques - OurCoordinates

Are you looking to get more of a personal touch on your woodturning projects? One of the best ways to do this is through cutting the entire piece of wood in one fell swoop, rather than cutting it into individual pieces. The difference between this process and the other methods mentioned is that CNC Rotary engraving uses a machine to cut the wood, while CNC Laser engraving does not.

For those unfamiliar with the process, CNC Rotary engraving involves using a machine that cuts away spaces around your design. The machine has a drawing on it and then shifts back and forth as the material is removed.

While this process can cut straight lines, it is also capable of creating curves through patterning. This is called “patterned engraving” and is less time consuming than exacting cuts.

CNC Laser engraving utilizes lasers to cut out your design from your material. The machine looks like a photocopier, but instead of using a toner to create images, it uses lasers. As the laser passes over the material, the beams bounce off each other, heating and cutting to create your designs in a patterned manner. This is an ideal method for cutting very intricate designs or images because it requires less time for each individual part.

laser engraving on wood looks great - OurCoordinates blog

Laser engraving is growing in popularity because it is both highly skilled and precise. Unlike traditional engraving, laser engraving uses heat to etch designs into metal, wood, leather, or other durable materials quickly and precisely. This means designs can be very accurate while being less time-consuming.

Laser engraving is a great way to make personalized gifts that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Most people don’t realize it, but there are so many different ways to inlay a custom design into a leather or acrylic case or product. There’s nearly endless creativity that can be achieved by using lasers.

While both processes have different strengths and weaknesses, they both require skill and patience to achieve an excellent result. With today’s options for CNC machines, you can get professional quality work without having to spend hours doing it by hand. Get your custom pieces today at OurCoordinates!

Thermal Heat Transfers:

Thermal transfer printing is an accurate and quick method for producing logos or short messages on various products, including tools, parts, clothing, and bags.


Etching techniques are the oldest and most time-consuming methods of engraving. They can be used to create intricate and detailed designs on the surface of various types of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and glass. Etching allows for unlimited design freedom but requires more time than other techniques.

The most popular engraving technique is etching. This process is done by using acid to create lines directly into the surface of your product. This allows you to create many different designs and patterns to make your brand stand out.

Engraving By Hand:

Hand-engraving is a popular method of engraving. With this technique, a hand tool is used to cut into the surface to create an engraved pattern.

It is available in a few different styles, such as engraving with a nib, an engraving punch, a punch, or a nib pen. It is used for delicate and intricate projects where the lines are not very obvious.


Machining is another way of creating engraved patterns on metal. With this process, you can machine all four sides of the component at once to form one continuous pattern.

This method can be used on many products, including wine openers, knives, soapboxes, and candles. This method is suitable for large projects that don’t require very fine details or have numerous components needing to be engraved at once.

3D Engraving

Whether you want a traditional engraving or a modern 3D design, OurCoordinates offers many different options to make your product stand apart from the rest. Each process is done with a precision that will not only help complete your project in the shortest amount of time but will prove to be a lasting impact on all that you do.

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OurCoordinates uses our most popular alternative engraving technique, which is deep etching. This is also done through acid, but instead of creating lines, it creates grooves and reliefs into your product's surface. You can use this process to create a 3D image on any object you choose. This flexibility allows for an endless amount of combinations to find something that will fit perfectly into your product line.

Our newest endeavor is 3D printing, which is also done through acid on the surface of the object, but it does so by creating a 3D pattern directly on the object itself. This allows you to use almost any image or text for your product and have it come to life in front of your eyes.

We also offer different types of serigraphs, thermography, and silkscreen techniques for both aluminum and brass plates. This allows you to customize your tool to best suit your needs and tastes. There is no end to what you can engrave onto our tools; you can even engrave an image on one side!


OurCoordinates has a long history of selling quality products to business' and people from all over the world alike. Much of our success comes from the high demand for our products.

It’s not hard to see why: with 2 years' experience in the industry, we have mastered the art of engraving. We create a variety of unique designs that complement our tools. Some are simple geometric shapes; others are entirely organic and unique in their own right. With OurCoordinates, you won’t just get a nice product; you'll get to include a touch of yourself to something special.


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OurCoordinates has developed several engraving techniques that offer a wide range of stylish designs. If you’re looking for something personal and customized, you’ve come to the right place! Start browsing our catalog, and let our experts help you choose your next engraving tool today!

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