6 MUST KNOW Tips Before Traveling To Tibet

6 must know tips before traveling to tibet - OurCoordinates

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Traveling Tibet is a blessing and a unique travel opportunity that involves some extent of more profound observation. What used to be once inaccessible to foreigners and among the most remote communities is now easily accessible.

Though China is firmly managing Tibet tourist industry, visiting implies working to keep Tibetan culture intact and seeing the areas of Tibetan Buddhism so profoundly rooted in the style of spiritualism that you can never see anywhere else.

Tibet is not like most areas in China that are simple to get to. There are a lot of limitations and rules that you'll have to understand before you travel. What you might hope to see if you're going to Tibet today is unique, of course.

6 must know tips before traveling to tibet - OurCoordinates

The modern world, combined with the influence of Chinese interference in the area, has transformed the image of old Tibet. It is a combination of intriguing extraordinary spiritualism in the valleys and temples. . The most comfortable way to get to Tibet is to locate a nearby travel agent, and they're going to help you manage all.
Most tourists who choose to go to Tibet don't understand how to travel or who to rely upon when you need assistance.

6 must know tips before traveling to tibet - OurCoordinates

You may have a lot of queries, and you may be distracted looking online for information. To set your mind at peace straight away, we're going to present 6 valuable travel tips while visiting Tibet.

Keep reading to find more must know rules to follow in Tibet:

*Very Important* Book Your Trip In Advance

All Tibetan vacations must be reserved at a minimum of 20 days before the date. It typically involves 2-3 days to validate hotel reservations and another 10 days for the Tibet Tourist Department to grant the Tibet Entry Permit.

Visit this link for more information and tips on getting your Tibet Entry Permit

You must carry a entry visa to get into tibet - OurCoordinates

You should make sure that you acquire the Entry Permit, particularly if new travel measures are imposed, before applying for a visa and making final arrangements for your travel unless you can accept substitutes to Tibet once you show up in China.

Know When To Travel To Tibet

Each season has its pros and cons. Summer in Tibet is lovely green and moist. It's packed with visitors, too. The festivities appear to take place during the summer. It's the rainiest season, particularly in July and August. Raindrops and clouds will ruin your viewpoints of Everest or Kailash.

Fall and spring are warmer and get very few rains and much fewer tourists. Winter is excellent in many respects, too, but it's undoubtedly frigid with far fewer other visitors, better accessibility on trains and accommodation, and lower costs.

6 must know tips to follow when traveling to Tibet - OurCoordinates

May - October is Tibet's most excellent season, pleasant and comfortable. However, this time is a prime tourist season, with ever-growing numbers.

It's chilly but bright in other months, though some places will be shut in the winter. That being said, due to fewer people, you will enjoy the real Tibetan history better.

Tibet is generally closed for much of February-March for the politically volatile duration of the Tibetan New Year.

Pack Appropriate Clothing and Supplies

It's best to dress in long-sleeved shirts and jeans as the temperature is scorching. You also can consider taking sunglasses and wear sunscreen to shield yourself from intense sunshine.

You're also supposed to take with yourself comfortable clothing like fleece jackets and sweaters because the summer nights in Tibet are pretty cold. But in certain high mountain tourist attractions, you can feel chilly, so you'll need to take a coat to keep yourself warm. If you'd like to climb Everest, you've got to carry a thick jacket with you.

6 must know tips before traveling to tibet - OurCoordinatesYou should also keep with yourself an excellent quality lip cream, we LOVE the original Burt's Beeswax Lip Balm

It's a very smart idea to wear sturdy walking shoes for any trip to Tibet as you will more than likely do a lot of walking and hiking during your visit.

If you are taking any long car rides, you'll thank yourself later if you remember to bring snacks with you. It is essential to take altitude sickness medication one day before you arrive at a high altitude.

Inspect All of the Food You Eat and Don't Take Risks

Tibet is still far away from being as advanced as the other cities, and, as a result, food safety practices might be insufficient. Ensure that the food is warm enough so that all contaminants are properly destroyed is a healthy idea to be followed while consuming in Tibet.

If your food seems like it may have poor hygiene, don't take a risk by eating it, but search for a spot that's crowded with residents since they can help you in finding the best food. Try to keep yourself safe and not contract any illness while on your trip.

6 must know tips to follow while traveling to tibet - OurCoordinates

Ease up and relax well, stay warm, stay hydrated, and eat the very first two days in Tibet to decrease any signs of altitude sickness.

It is best to drink lots of water for overall well-being when traveling and take several high-energy foods with you, like dry fruit, almonds, candy, and chocolate bars.

Know the Local Laws and Restrictions

Pictures and videos of Buddhist temples are not tolerated in the number of Tibetan monasteries. After offering to pay little money in certain monasteries, you can take photographs of the Buddhist temples.

must know rules to follow when traveling to tibet - OurCoordinates

Don't talk about controversial matters such as politics while you're in Tibet.

Don't try to explore their lives and religions, visit any monastery without asking, and do not click pictures of the cops, the military, and any other military forces.

If you see something when taking photos of the locations, houses switch off your camera.

Roads and other services in big cities and landmarks are well built and managed. That being said, in rural areas, flooding often triggers landslides and heavy rains. Don't panic, it's best to hire a travel agent who can provide the necessary weather conditions and offer useful tips.

people in tibet are kind hearted and compassionate - OurCoordinates

Most Tibetans are committed people who are compassionate, and kind hearted.

The security condition in Tibet is much stronger than any of the major cities in China. It's doubtful to experience criminal behavior or theft. However, for additional security, you should always follow safety measures to help secure your things.

We Hope These Tips Come In Handy In Your Travels To Tibet

In short, these are some unwritten rules that you'll want to obey if you're considering a visit to Tibet. By implementing these guidelines, you can be confident that your journey will be easy, pleasant, and healthy.

We hope you've found our tips valuable for your trip to Tibet. As always, after you finish your amazing trip to Tibet, come back to OurCoordinates and create some coordinates jewelry to remember your trip by!

6 must know tips to follow when in tibet - OurCoordinates

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