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Custom Coordinates Bracelet

When you begin to create your one of a kind custom bracelet, you aren't only creating a beautiful fashion accessory; you are starting a personal collection of memories to look back at & tell stories of your past adventures.

You'll be filled with joy every time the longitude & latitude coordinates catch your eye and remind you of where you've been during your lifetime.

Shopping For Friends? Get Them A Personalized Coordinates Bracelet

It's not hard to imagine why a rose gold coordinates bracelet will make the perfect gift to any friend or loved one. Especially when they look close and notice the personal touches from someone close to them. Start creating the perfect personalized gift today!

Matching Coordinates Cuff Bracelets For You & Your Travel Buddies

Who doesn't love to travel these days? We do!

Create a pair of matching gold coordinates cuff bracelets to remind you of the mountains you've climbed together, Oceans you've dived into, and getaways you never want to forget!

No matter who is on the receiving end of the exchange, they will not be disappointed to receive a one of a kind custom bracelet.

Show off the bond between you and your other half with a pair of coordinates bracelets for couples! (Did we mention they are 2 for 1?)

coordinates bracelet, silver - OurCoordinates

Confused with how to order? Please read our guide in the tabs section of the product page. Following it will show you how to locate your GPS coordinates to have engraved onto your beatiful customized bracelet.

If you still have any problems placing an order, contact us for help anytime.

Unisex: Our Custom Bracelets fit comfortably on men & women, easily tightened by squeezing the ends together, loosened by pushing them apart.

Included:1x Stainless-Steel Custom Coordinates Bracelet

Color: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Black.

*** PLEASE NOTE- Our text engraving option is available with or without engraving coordinates as well. If there are coordinates placed with text, please note we will engrave the text on the back, leaving the coordinates engraved on the bracelet's front.***

1. Select your style of jewelry; are you looking to order a custom bracelet,  necklace or ring?

2. Select the color of your liking; we offer 14k Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Black.  All products are made using high quality stainless steel with no worries of fading or oxidization.

3. Now is the time to select your personalization options;

-if you would like text (a name, phrase or saying) select "Engrave Text" and input the desired text.

-if you are wanting to do our signature Coordinates Bracelet, Coordinates Ring or Coordinates Necklace, simply use our map to find the coordinates to your desired location!

4. Checkout time! Input your billing and shipping details, submit the order & let us handle the rest!

We hope this helps clear up any confusion when creating your travel jewelry from OurCoordinates, please message us if you ever have any problems with navigating our website.  Safe travels friends, much more content coming soon!

- OurCoordinates

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